FrackOptima NonPlanar3D

FrackOptima NonPlanar3D is used to simulate the hydraulic fracture process that involves multiple stages and multiple fractures in unconventional reservoirs with parallel layer formations. Other features of NonPlanar3D simulator include:

  • Heterogeneity of stress, toughness, pore pressure, leakoff, and spurtloss
  • Heterogeneity of Young’s modulus, Poisson’s ratio will be available in the near future
  • Linear elastic fracture
  • Power law fluid flow
  • Multistage slurry injections with multiple fluids and proppants
  • Proppant concentration dependent slurry rheology
  • Pressure dependent fluid leakoff
  • Conserved proppant transport and settlement
  • Crack tip mechanism covering viscosity and toughness controlled fracture growth as well as fluid lag
  • Wellbore mechanics for fluid distributions along specified injection points
  • Seamless screen-out simulation
  • Shut-in simulation all the way to the final fully proppant-packed fracture
  • Fracture intersection has not been completely implemented yet
  • Simultaneous visualization and analysis of simulating results