FrackOptima builds its business in the area of hydraulic fracturing on its flagship software package FrackOptima, which can be used to simulate the hydraulic fracturing process in various geometric configurations. At present, FrackOptima consists of simulator NonPlanar3D, Planar3D, and PlaneStrain. Simulator NonPlanar3D can be used to simulate multiple non-planar fractures in multistage hydraulic fracturing along horizontal wells. Simulator Planar3D can be used to simulate hydraulic fracturing in conventional reservoirs including both vertical and inclined wells in the tilted parallel layer formations. Simulator PlaneStrain can be used to simulate complex hydraulic fracturing networks in the idealized plane strain condition.

All simulators are developed based on rigorous coupled fracture and fluid mechanics models and advanced computing technology, and are capable of simulating realistic hydraulic fracturing with high fidelity. By providing the most accurate simulations that truly reflect the influence of formation complexity and variations of all controllable parameters, we can help you design the most economical and environmental safe hydraulic fracturing treatments. The field engineers can either use the versatile, robust, efficient, and user-friendly software package themselves or work with us to engineer optimal hydraulic fracturing treatments.